Monitors & Recorders

Camera Hire stocks a range of Monitors & EVFs including leading brands such as SmallHD, Zacuto & Marshall, Blackmagic Design, TV-Logic & Atomos. Some of the products featured in the range include the TV Logic LVM-182W, Atomos Ninja BladeSmallHD OLED AC7, DP6 & DP4 Monitors, Marshall 5″ & 7″ Monitors and the Zacuto EVF Pro.

Camera Hire’s range of Monitors & EVFs provide film makers, camera operators and directors/producers with endless possibilities to make sure they are getting the shot they need. Whether it be through a daisy chain of monitors using the TV-Logic VFM-056W (which provides HDMI in and converts the signal to HD-SDI output to link of with a directors monitor), or run-and-gun style shoot in broad daylight using the SmallHD DP4 or Zacuto EVF Pro (the perfect solution for those using DSLRs to block harsh sunlight that would otherwise give nasty reflections across your EVF).

Our range is continually expanding, as technology advances and new products enter the marketplace.

If the rental equipment you require is not listed, please contact us.

We deliver equipment Australia wide, with same-day delivery or pick up available for Sydney customers.