Eyedirect Mark II Autocue Kit

$198 / day

Quantity: 2

The Eyedirect mark II is a teleprompter-type device that allows an interviewer to maintain eye contact with the main talent.

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The Eyedirect mark II provides a flexible way of maintaining the eye contact with on-camera talent/interview subjects. It also provides a way for your on-camera subject to see a variety of different views. All the while looking directly at your camera. Suitable for DSLR, mirrorless up to full-size  digital cinema cameras with large lenses.

As a prompter, the Mark II supports iPads and tablets up to 7 x 10″ and 3/8″ thick. It features a 50/50 beamsplitter that allows the talent to see the text without it showing up on your image. Removing the iPad/tablet is where the design of the Mark II shines. This is because it allows your on-camera talent to look directly at the camera. However they can see the face the interviewer behind the camera.  In addition, insert a picture or headline into your subject’s eye-line, without having them look off camera.

The Eyedirect Mark II allows you set up with the interviewer behind the camera and off to either side. All the while having the talent make eye contact with the interviewer. Plus, you no longer have to worry about the interviewer leaning into the shot. Your on-camera subject maintains focus and eye contact with the interviewer while looking directly into the lens. Thus making a strong connection with the audience.

Key Features of the EyeDirect mark II

  • The unit set up allows the interviewer to sit on either side of the camera. This allows you to frame and compose the shot as you normally would.
  • The wing features 40° of lateral adjustability and 35° of tilt adjustment. This allows the interviewer to find a comfortable position while maintaining eye contact with the on-camera subject
  • Remove the wing to install the tablet accessory, to use the unit as a teleprompter
  • The Eyedirect Mark II mounts on an 18″ long plate that mounts onto your tripod. This allows you to balance your system using a variety of cameras. For example, from DSLR and Mirrorless to ENG or digital cinema cameras.
  • Made primarily from ABS plastic the Mark II is a lightweight system that features a 50/50 beamsplitter. In addition, use as either a teleprompter, or an optical device. This allows your subject to look at the interviewer (or other person) yet maintain eye contact with your camera’s lens,
  • The unit supports tablets from 5.5 x 9″ to 7 x 10″.
  • The Eyedirect Mark II features a 160mm opening on the back for lenses. It includes a rubber donut compatible with lenses with an outside diameter from 52 to 80mm
  • An included DSLR riser block enables using DSLR or Mirrorless cameras
  • You can adjust the height of the unit approximately 4.5″ to center it on your camera