Teradek Bolt 500 SDI Kit

$120 / day
$240 / weekend
$360 / week

Quantity: 4

The Teradek Bolt 500 is a wireless video solution that provides fast and efficient wireless video over 500ft suitable for all rigs and gimbals.

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The Teradek Bolt 500¬†offers HD-SDI or HDMI wireless video up to 1080/60p. The kit includes a transmitter and receiver. the 500 offers new features such as highly refined software, new wireless radios, a redesigned chassis and are Teradek’s more monitoring¬†solutions available. It also features metadata and timecode support, 3D LUTs, dual inputs/outputs, multicasting options (for up to 4 receivers with 1 receiver), manual frequency and USB 3.0 GRAB engines.

Other features:

  • Visually lossless video transmitted over 500ft with no delay
  • Built-in HDMI to SDI converter for use with Gimbals, allowing you to connect both on-camera monitor and video source via same devices
  • 20% smaller and slightly lighter chassis, for ease of use with light-weight rigs.
  • Reconnection time during dropped links due to range is now immidiate, when moving back within range