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New Arri Lighting Equipment Available


Struggling with shooting wide open? Pushing your ISO a little higher than you would like? Or just looking to add a little more depth to your lighting, Camera Hire now has you covered. We’ve recently added an entire line-up of new lighting gear, big and small, to help make your images really shine!

For those of you needing some real punch the Arri M18 HMI is the perfect solution. The strongest light you can run off a 20A household circuit, the M18 provides 70% more light output than a 1.2K HMI with the same spectacular daylight colour renditioning.

If colour temperature control and power draw are a concern look no further than the Arri LC-7 LED. An LED fixture that ranges from 2,700 Kelvin to 10,000 Kelvin, along with full tint control, the LC7 can match to any lighting scenario. The impressive LED technology also enables full dimming from 0-100 and provides the equivalent of a 750watt Fresnel at only 25% of the power draw.

If you can’t get past the golden glow of your traditional tungsten light, we now have a range of Arri Tungsten Fresnels ranging from 300w, Arri T1 and Arri T2 fixtures, suitable for any interior scenario big or small.

Aside from the main acts we also have a Filmgear 400W HMI Deluxe Kit, a 200W Joker Bug HMI and two Arri Studio 250W Ceramic Fixtures.

If you’re looking to diffuse, cut, shape or otherwise manipulate your lighting sources we now also have a range of fabrics, cutters, scrims and frames to suit any lighting scenario.

So get in touch with us to discuss how best to become a master of the light and the shadow, like all your favourite award winning cinematographers.

Disclaimer: Cinematography awards not guaranteed.