Arri 300 Watt Plus Tungsten Fresnel Hire

$20 / day
$40 / weekend
$90 / week

Quantity: 6

The Arri 300w Plus is a small but powerful 300 watt tungsten fresnel light. Perfect for on location shoots giving a soft even light.

* Hire rates include GST, but exclude any insurance or delivery costs

** If you happen to find a better rental price elsewhere, let us know and we'll do our best to match or beat it.


The Arri 300 Watt Plus Fresnel is designed to gather as much light as possible and direct it through the 80 mm low expansion, borosilicate fresnel lens producing a soft, even field of light. The yoke allows it to be attached to any 5/8″ stud. Beam angle in the flood position is 49° and a narrow 15° while in the spot position.

This fixture is equipped for 120 Volt AC operation. It will also function with 220-240 AC Voltage, with the appropriate bulb and plug adapter, available separately.

Light Spread
Produces a soft, even field of light
Ventilated Housing
Ribbed for cooler operation, the fixture ribs act like heat sinks to help disperse any heat build-up.

Aluminium Reflector

Spherical, specular, high purity reflector

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