Arri M18 HMI 1800w Light Hire

$285 / day
$570 / weekend
$940 / week

The ARRI M18 HMI Lamp Head and Ballast Kit is an open-face, 1800W HMI. The kit includes the M18 head, ballast, barn doors and light stand.
For critical lighting applications the M18 has a luminous efficacy of 92 lumens/watt and a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) greater than 90 at 6000K.

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ARRI‘s M18 HMI Lamp Head With ALF/DMX Ballast Kit (Multi-voltage) is an open-face, lensless, more efficient lamp head built to work with a new power class of lamp–the 1800W SE HMI, which has an average life of 750 hours, a luminous efficacy of 92 lumens/watt, and a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) greater than 90 at 6000K. DMX control and ALF (Active Line Filter) together produce much more efficient power use in an already very efficient lighting fixture. The M18 combines the best aspects of a PAR and a Fresnel, creating diverging rays of light to produce a very crisp shadow. This fixture is supplied for use with 90-125/180-250VAC. This lamp has a beam angle (HPA) of 20 to 60°, with a wide usable field angle. The lamp head is silver.

-Can operate on a 20A circuit
-1800W possible
-Constant lamp power and colour temperature over the lifetime of the lamp
-Light dims between 50 and 100%
-Low noise switch–noise reduction in the luminary
-Active Line Filter–power factor correction
-Line over-voltage protection
-Protection from overheating

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