Wooden Camera Canon RF to ARRI LPL Mount Adapter

$55 / day

The Wooden Camera RF to LPL adapter allows mounting of LPL-Mount lenses to RF-mount cameras. For example, the RED V-Raptor, RED Komodo, Canon C70 and others.

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The Wooden Camera Adapter enables ARRI LPL-mount lenses to mount Canon RF-mount cameras. For example, use the ARRI Signature Primes with a RED V-Raptor, Komodo or Canon C70.

Focus to infinity while using the adapter. In addition, the mount is solid. Made with durable, yet lightweight aluminium-alloy. The included shim set enables you to adjust the flange focal distance between your camera and lens. Thus ensuring accurate focus.

Finally, the passive mount does not pass lens information to your camera.


Key Features of the Wooden Camera RF to LPL Mount Adapter: