Sony BURANO 8K Full Frame Cinema Camera

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TheĀ Sony BURANO is an 8.6K full-frame cinema camera. With an interchangeable PL or E-Mount. In addition, integrated ND filters, 15+ stops of exposure latitude. Finally dual-base ISO of 800/3200.

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The Sony Burano is a mobile cine-style camera. The BURANO 8K Digital Cinema Camera offers up to 8.6K video capture. In addition, in-camera stabilisation and both E- and PL-mounts. Fast Hybrid Autofocus, and an easily adjustable ND filter.

Full-Frame 8.6K CMOS Sensor

  • The BURANO has a 8.6K CMOS sensor. This matches the VENICE 2 8K. In addition, the Burano has Sony’s autofocus technology. Helpful for single operators when facing fast-paced environments with challenging focus.
  • The sensor also offers both full-frame and Super-35 modes. Thus select from a variety of lenses for each project.

ARRI PL and Sony E Mounts

  • The BURANO has the same PL and E-mount system as the VENICE series. Therefore use PL-mount, E-Mount or other lenses with an adapter.
  • The PL mount is compatible with all Super-35 and full-frame PL lenses. The Burano also supports Cooke/I technology for frame-by-frame metadata and ZEISS eXtended Data.
  • The E-mount supports metadata when using Sony E-mount lenses.


  • Burano’s autofocus is available with Sony E-mount lenses. Options include Fast Hybrid AF (phase-detection AF/contrast-detection AF) and Human Eye AF. Thus, accurately capture fast-moving subjects even when operating alone.

Image Stabilisation

  • A feature unique to the BURANO is its in-camera image stabilisation. For both Sony E- and ARRI PL-mount lenses, a first in digital cine-style capture.
  • This new PL-mount lens feature provides 3-axis pitch, yaw, and roll stabilization with high, low, and off options. E-mount lenses benefit from 5-axis pitch, yaw, roll, x, and y stabilization with active, standard, and off settings.

Variable ND Filter

Shown with Optional Equipment (Not Included)
  • The Burano has a built-in, electronically variable ND filter. This enables solo operators to quickly and easily adjust their exposure when faced with changing light levels.
  • This dial-type filter ranges from 0.6 to 2.1 ND for a total of seven stops.

Exceptional Latitude

  • The BURANO’s 8.6K sensor provides a massive 16 stops of dynamic range. Thus producing phenomenal images with very low noise. Also in conditions ranging from almost no light to blazing sunlight.
  • It also offers excellent HDR imaging (high dynamic range). The result is freedom when colour grading in post-production.

Dual-Base ISO

  • Dual-base 800/3200 ISOs enable the BURANO to excel at low-light HDR capture.
  • Its wide exposure latitude ranges from 6 stops over to 10 stops under. Including 18% middle gray, for a total of 16 stops.

Versatile Frame Rates

  • The BURANO supports multiple resolutions and frame rates. These include: full-frame 8.6K at 30 fps. Full-frame cropped 6K at 60 fps. Super-35 5.8K. And Super35 cropped 4K at 120 fps.

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