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The RED RANGER Gemini features a 5K super-35 sensor with dual ISO. It features a production-ready body with professional inputs and outputs.

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The RED RANGER Gemini 5K is an all-in-one camera system and features the Gemini 5K dual-ISO sensor in an integrated camera body. From the beginning, RED has been all about modularity. Now, the RANGER system provides less complex, more standardised options perfect for multi camera use.

The RED RANGER has all the professional inputs and outputs built in. It also has a new advanced cooling system. The RANGER physically offers a well-rounded interface stocked with lots of new options. The camera body now also has three SDI ports.

The body weighs around 3kg and supports wide input voltage from 11.5V to 32V. The camera boasts more independent SDI and AUX power outputs. It also has an integrated XLR audio input. The RANGER has a much larger fan which provides more efficient temperature management. Power options on the camera include RED’s new 24V AC adapter and uses an XLR cable to link to longer-lasting block batteries. To suit the demands of almost any of pro camera, the RED RANGER offers two of both 12V and 24V outputs plus a 12V D-Tap port. Additional input/outputs include genlock, timecode, USB, and control ports. There is also a selectable line/mic/+48V 5-pin XLR stereo audio input is built into each RED RANGER.


In addition to REDCODE RAW, it also captures to Apple ProRes or AVID DNxHR with a data rate of up to 300 MB/s. The new camera includes RED’s modern, HDR-capable colour management system, IPP2.



Gemini 15.4 Megapixel Dual Sensitivity CMOS Effecttive Pixels = 5120 x 3000
Sensor Size = 30.72mm x 18.0mm / Diagonal = 35.61mm

Shimmed PL/EF /Nikon Mount

Standard : Use in normal conditions in which you would expose near ISO 800 provides the best highlight retention. Low Light : Use in lower light conditions in which you would expose for ISO 2500 and higher provides the cleanest shadow detail.

R3D / ProRes / DNxHR


5K Full Format – 1.7:1 -75fps
5K Full Format – 100fps
5K Full Format – 2.4:1- 96fps
4K Full Format – 120fps
4K Full Format – 2.4:1- 150fps
3K Full Format – 150fps
3K Full Format – 2.4:1 -200fps
2K Full Format – 240fps
2K Full Format – 2.4:1- 300fps


Internal Recording – RED Mini Mag (SSD)

3.4Kg (Standardized Ranger Camera Body) Length = 23cm (PL mount w/ V-lock )
Width = 15cm / Height = 16.5cm (No top handle)

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