RED DSMC2 Side Handle

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$100 / weekend
$150 / week

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The RED DSMC2 Side Handle is an excellent tool for Red Handheld shooters, providing easy access to primary camera controls and many customisable camera buttons for additional customisability.

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The Side Handle is designed for shootings who are after a compact handheld configuration, offering the most ergonomic handle option that attaches directly to the side of the camera brain.

The DSMC2 Side Handle features a molded rubber grip and gives you the primary camera controls directly to your fingertips. A dedicated Focus Control Wheel provides direct control over lens focus, and the Iris Control Wheel on the side supports iris control and can be assigned to other camera functions.

It includes a rotary wheel and D-Pad that will allow for advanced camera control over menu options directly from the handle. Focus custom camera buttons provide quick access to controls such as exposure, white balance, magnification and autofocus as well as a record button, and MARK FRAME button to tag frames while shooting to revisit in post.