ARRI Alexa Mini (LPL / PL / EF mount)

The ARRI Alexa mini brings the ALEV III sensor into a compact, light-weight form. This makes the camera ideal for handheld, gimbal and drone applications. The Alexa mini is capable of 4K UHD, HDR and HFR recording.

** Lens not included in standard kit

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The ARRI Alexa Mini is a compact, lightweight 35mm camera. Features include an integrated lens motor control and ND filters. The ARRI Alexa Mini has the ALEV III sensor which can be found in all other ARRI cameras in the ALEXA series.

Future-proof technology includes 4K UHD, HDR & high frame-rate recording. The camera uses a lightweight carbon-fibre body. As a result the Alexa Mini is ideal for gimbal and multicopter use.

Other features include exchangeable lens mounts. This enables the camera to be used with a huge variety of lenses. For example the ARRI Signature primes (LPL), Zeiss Supreme and Cooke Panchro/i Classics (PL) and Canon cinema-primes (EF).

The integrated lens motor control includes an LBUS port. Therefore the mini is able to be used with the ARRI Cforce motors for focus, iris and zoom control.

Our Alexa Mini Kit includes:

  • ARRI Alexa Mini Camera Body (in LPL, PL or EF Mount)
  • Alexa Mini Viewfinder with Eyecup
  • Top Handle
  • ARRI Quick Release Bottom Plate & Quick Release Bridge Plate (19mm) w/Shoulder Pad
  • 2x Sandisk Extreme Pro C-Fast 2.0 256GB Cards + card reader
  • 4 x Core Pro-X 98wh V-lock batteries + charger
  • Tilta Rosette Grips
  • 2 x 19mm Short Rails (12’’)
  • ARRI Standard Dovetail Plate
  • 5 Pin Lemo to 2 XLR3 Female Audio in Cable
  • 24V Power Cable (8 pin Lemo/XLR3 Pin)

The Alexa Mini is available in LPL, PL or EF mount. Included is a full range of mechanical accessories from ARRI.