Westcott 8 x 8′ Scrim Jim Cine Kit Hire (2.4 x 2.4 M)

$80 / day

The Westcott 8×8′ Scrim Jim Cine Kit is a 2.4×2.4 meter diffusion kit. It includes frame, corners, bounce and diffusion and a case.

* Hire rates exclude GST, insurance and delivery costs

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The Westcott 8 x 8′ Scrim Jim Cine Kit includes everything you need to bounce or diffuse various light. It is easy-to-use, featuring an 8×8′ Scrim Jim aluminum frame with positive-locking connectors. Including eight 46″ frame tubes, it breaks down quickly and easily for travel and storage. Also, an 8×8′ 3/4-stop diffuser softens available or studio lighting without changing colour temperature. In addition, the 8×8′ reversible silver/white bounce fabric reflects light to add highlights and illuminate your subject.

Finally, this portable system breaks down easily, proving to be ideal for photographers and filmmakers who travel often.