Elinchrom Beauty Dish Softlite 44cm Reflector (white)

$35 / day
$45 / weekend
$70 / week

Quantity: 2

The Elinchrom Softlite 44cm Reflector is a parabolic pan reflector with an adjustable reflector shield used for eliminating specular light from the flashtube and redirecting it to the reflector. It fits any Elinchrom Flash head and includes silver, gold, translucent and frost deflectors to cool, warm or diffuse light output, coming with an optional diffuser to provide more softening of the light outputted.

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The Elinchrom Softlite Reflector, or the Beauty Dish, is great for projecting soft and diffused light and is ideal for portrait and commercial photography where broad, soft and even lighting (while maintaining the crispness lost from a softbox) is required.