Sony VENICE 2 Full Frame 8K

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TheĀ Sony VENICE 2 CineAlta 8K is the new flagship of Sony’s CineAlta range. Offering an 8K Full Frame Sensor with an interchangeable PL or E-Mount. In addition, integrated ND filters in 8-stages, 15+ stops of exposure latitude, a wide colour gamut and improved colour management system.

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The Sony VENICE 2 is an 8K Digital Motion Picture Camera. It has an 8K Interchangeable Sensor and 16-stop dynamic range. In addition, internal recording onto a high-speed ASX cards. These internal recording formats include ProRes 4K 4444 and 422.

Dual ISO Sensor


The VENICE 2 has an 8.6K sensor with dual-range ISO. These settings are 800 and 3200 base ISO. In addition, they share the same colour science as the original 6K sensor.

Lens Mount

  • The VENICE 2 comes with the industry-standard PL lens mount. It is compatible with all Super-35 and full-frame PL lenses. Both spherical and anamorphic. The removable lens mount has contacts that support Cooke /i Technology. The camera’s lens data is recorded as metadata frame by frame.
  • Removing the PL Mount exposes the camera’s E-Mount. This is compatible with E-Mount lenses. This E-Mount has a lever lock. This eliminates the need to rotate your lens when mounting. In addition, this secures the lens in the mount, minimising play.


Internal ND Filters

The Venice 2 has a servo-controlled 8-step mechanical ND filter. This is part of the camera chassis. It’s ND ranges from Clear (no ND) and 0.3 (1/2 = 1 stop) to 2.4 (1/256 = 8 stops).


Internal Recording

Sony’s Venice mark II records raw and high-data-rate video internally to AXS cards. The Venice II has two AXS card slots. Therefore, capture X-OCN and 4K ProRes (both 17:9 and 16:9) internally. Finally, use relay recording for virtually unlimited recording time.

Super35 17:9 and 16:9

These imager sizes have native support in VENICE 2. In addition, the 8K sensor makes it possible to capture 5.8K footage in 17:9 or 16:9 in Super 35mm mode. Therefore use Super 35mm PL mount lenses.

Colour Gamut

The VENICE 2 can exceed the BT.2020 colour space. With a colour range wider than DCI-P3. The result: beautifully reproduce the true colour of the scene in front of your lens. The camera also has a broad palette in the grading suite. Use the established workflow of Sony’s S-Log3 and ultra-wide colour space, S-Gamut3. Finally, VENICE 2’s 6K and 8K sensors match colours almost perfectly.

No Jello Effect

Finally, the high-speed readout of the VENICE 2 sensor minimises the Jello effect typical with CMOS sensors.

Sony Venice Introduction:

VENICE 2 Image Modes:

ProRes 422 HQ/ProRes 4444
4096 x 2160 at 23.98/24.00/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps
3840 x 2160 at 23.98/24.00/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps
8640 x 5760 from 1 to 29.97 fps
8192 x 4320 from 1 to 59.94 fps
7680 x 4320 from 1 to 59.94 fps
5792 x 4854 from 1 to 47.95 fps
5792 x 3056 from 1 to 59.94/66/72/75/88/90 fps
5452 x 3056 from 1 to 59.94/66/72/75/88/90 fps

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