Wooden Camera LPL mount (For RED DSMC2)

$100 / day

The Wooden Camera LPL Mount for RED DSMC2 Cameras allows LPL lenses (such as the ARRI LPL Signature Prime Lenses) to be used with RED full frame sensors (such as the RED Monstro) as well as on standard Super-35 sized sensor RED Cameras.

** Available for hire with a RED DSMC2 camera or LPL-mount lens kit only ***

* Hire rates exclude GST, insurance and delivery costs

** If you happen to find a better rental price elsewhere, let us know and we'll do our best to match or beat it.


The Wooden Camera LPL Mount for RED DSMC2 Cameras enables use of large-format full frame LPL mount cinema lenses with your existing RED Brain. An external LDS-2 port is present but not currently active – pending development of external LDS-2 metadata workflows, this port can be connected to a metadata recorder.

This product is designed to fully utilise the full frame sensor of the RED MONSTRO, and is also compatible with the following standard super-35mm sized sensor RED cameras:

  • RED Helium
  • RED Gemini
  • RED Epic-W
  • RED Weapon
  • RED Scarlet-W
  • RED Raven

As well as support for DSCM1 Cameras:

  • RED Dragon
  • RED Epic
  • RED Scarlet