Ironglass Vintage Soviet Prime Lens Kit (mark II)

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Updated Ironglass Vintage Soviet lens set with mark II housings.

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The Ironglass Vintage Soviet Mark II lens set has been rehoused from scratch. Every mechanical element, including the lens body was changed. This achieves a new level of performance, precision, and reliability. Ironglass’ mark II set has standardised the positioning of gears across the set. In addition, an easily shim-able PL / EF mount system (with more mount options to come). Finally, a 15 aperture blade iris for smooth bokeh.

Ironglass mark II lenses have a ‘hybrid focus system’. A new & refined helicoid, combined with technology found in CAM-driven focus systems. The result is a very reliable, rugged focus system. Also, the internal focus no longer limits the clip-on MatteBox weight.

Our set includes:

  • 20mm f3.5 MIR-20M
  • 28mm f3.5 MIR-10A
  • 37mm f2.8 MIR-1V
  • 58mm f2 Helios 44-2
  • 85mm f2 Jupiter-9
  • 135mm f2.8 Tair-11A

Features of the Ironglass Vintage Soviet Primes (mark II):

  • New & Improved Lens Design
  • Internal Focusing System
  • Full Clip-on Matte Box Compatibility
  • Shimmable Stainless Steel PL / EF mounts
  • Increased 300-degree focus ring rotation
  • Improved Close Focus Distance
  • T-stop Markings
  • Round 15 Blade Aperture
  • Reverse Direction Focus Scales