Zeiss Contarex Re-Housed Vintage Cinema Primes (PL Mount)

Price on Application

This is a GL Optics rehoused (mk V) set of Vintage Zeiss Contarex Primes. These lenses are from the 60’s and include an 18 (Contax), 25, 35, 50, 85, 135mm Contarex lenses. All in PL Mount, and cover full-frame and S35 sensors.

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The GL Optics Re-Housed Contarex primes for cinema applications. Originally made for the Zeiss Contarex 35mm SLR. These Contarexes were made as Zeiss’ professional-line of lenses throughout the early 1960’s. With great close focus and minimal chromatic aberration, the Contarex lenses have a natural vintage flare and milkiness. While still retaining the easily-recognisable Zeiss hue.
Re-housed by GL Optics (mark V rehousing), with no external mechanical breathing, these lenses are compact, ergonomic and cinema ready.

Our Contarez set includes the following lenses:

  • 18mm Contax T4.1
  • 25mm Contarex T2.9
  • 35mm Contarex T2.1
  • 50mm Contarex T2.1
  • 85mm Contarex T2.1
  • 135mm Contarex T2.9

All lenses have same front diameter except for the 18mm.