DZOFilm CATTA Ace 18-35mm Wide-Angle Full-Frame Cinema Zoom

$180 / day

The DZO Film 18-35mm T2.9 Catta Ace is an Ultra-Wide zoom lens. It covers Full-Frame / Large Format sensors.

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The DZOFilm Catta Ace 18-35mm T2.9 is an Ultra-Wide Cinema Zoom lens. It is fast, lightweight in PL Mount. In addition we can supply in EF-Mount by request. This lens covers Full-Frame / Large-format sensors, providing an Ultra-Wide field of view. In addition, it can be used with Super-35 or Super-16 cameras.

Both the Catta Ace 18-35mm maintains focus as you zoom in or out. The Catta line reproduces accurate colour and features a smooth focus/defocus transition. In addition, a wide T2.9 to T22 aperture and 16-blade iris for a smooth bokeh.

True to its cine design, it has a focus rotation of 240°. Also, a 100° zoom rotation range, and a 75° iris rotation range. The lens comes in PL or EF mount.

DZO Film Catta Ace 18-35mm introduction and Test Footage:


Key Features of the DZO Film 18-35mm T2.9 Catta Ace:

  • Maintains Focus Throughout Zoom Range
  • Natural Colour Rendering
  • Consistent T2.9 to T22 Aperture
  • Covers Full-Frame Sensors
  • 16-Blade Iris for Soft Bokeh
  • 20.1″ Minimum Focus Distance
  • Comes with PL Mount (and Interchangeable EF Mount)
  • 270° Focus Rotation
  • 77mm Filter Diameter, 1.9x Magnification
  • 80mm Front Diameter