Canon CN-E 30-300 Zoom Lens Hire (PL Mount)

Price on Application

The Canon CN-E 30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L SP PL Mount Cinema Zoom Lens is designed expressly for digital cinematography with cameras that have an APS-C or Super 35-equivalent sensor and a PL mount, including Canon’s EOS C300 PL. Featuring advanced optical technology designed by Canon, the lens is suitable for any capturing any size HD image up to and including 4K resolution.

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The Canon CN-E 30-300mm T2.95-3.7 PL Mount Cinema Zoom Lens for digital cinematography. In addition, it is compatible with cameras that have an APS-C or Super 35-equivalent sensor and a PL mount. For example the ARRI Alexa Mini, RED Gemini or Canon’s EOS C500 mark II. In addition, an advanced optical design makes the lens suitable for resolutions up to and above 4K.

With a focal length range of 30-300mm, the 10x cinema zoom lens covers the medium to longer focal range. To clarify, focal lengths typically required by cinematic productions. Additionally, with a maximum focal length of 300mm it puts it among the best in its class. Maximum aperture is a fast T2.95 throughout most of its range. Finally, the 11-blade iris enables a smooth bokeh for out-of-focus areas of the frame.

The 30-300 lens is for working professionals. For example, both sides of the lens feature easy-to-read focus, zoom, and iris markings. Additionally, depending on the production’s needs, focus markings are switchable from standard to metric. The lens facilitates manual operation that’s subtle, smooth, precise, and repeatable. In addition, control rings maintain appropriate resistance for operating with a consistent torque. Finally, the rotation angle is about 300° for focus, and 160° for zoom.

Finally, the CN-E 30-300mm complements Canon’s cinema lens range. For example, the 14.5-60mm shares a 136mm front diameter, gear positions, and rotation angle.