Westcott Scrim Jim Clamp with 5/8″ Stud

$8 / day
$16 / weekend
$32 / week

Quantity: 8

The Westcott Scrim Jim Clamp works with the Scrim Jim Cine Kits. They enable mounting of the Scrim Jim to C-Stands.

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The Scrim Jim Cine Clamp from Westcott has a long 5/8″ post. This connects to a stand-mounted grip head to support the frame. For large frames and full tilting, use a clamp and stand on each side of the frame. The clamp can support up to 10kg (22 lb). In addition, it has rubber grip pads to eliminate slipping. Finally, the scrim jim clamp has a black, non-reflective, protective coating.

Mount Your Scrim Jim with Ease

This clamp is a perfect pair for a Scrim Jim frame with a grip head. The result, precise and secure mounting to a light stand or C-stand. This mounting method is ideal when using your scrim for diffusing studio lights. Alternatively, when bouncing sunlight, blocking light overhead, or even cutting bright backgrounds.

Pair with a Grip Head and C-Stand

With an all-metal 6″ Baby pin with a hexagonal section. This mounting accessory eliminates unwanted spinning in a grip head. For Scrim Jim Cine Frames over 6 x 6′, use two clamps and stands. Particularly when mounting frames in the wind or in overhead locations.

Securely Grips Your Frame

This clamp features an inset channel with durable rubber padding that firmly grips your scrim frame. It is compatible with both Westcott’s original Scrim Jim and updated Scrim Jim Cine systems.


Key Features of the Scrim Jim Clamp:

  • 6″ Post for Added Stability
  • Easy Mounting
  • Pair with a Grip Head for Stand Mounting
  • All Metal Design, Rubber Grip Pads
  • Non-Reflective Black Coating
  • Tension Knob for Precise Grip