Elinchrom 16cm Reflector Hire

$ 5 / day
$8 / weekend
$15 / week

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Elinchrom’s 16cm reflector is a broad angle photographic reflector compatible with our full range of Elinchrom lighting products. Featuring a broad 95 degree angle, this is ideal for use with umbrellas.

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This reflector is designed to give a wide, even coverage. Ideal for shooting back into an umbrella; the most important requirement of an Umbrella Reflector is that when used in conjunction with an umbrella it is evenly filled with light (no central hot spot) whilst keeping a minimum distance between the flash tube and the umbrella. It is also important that the profile of the reflector is not so wide that it masks the umbrella.

This reflector is compatible with all of our Elinchrom EL lighting products.