Nodo Inertia Wheels 3-Axis Pro Kit

$450 / day

The Nodo Film Inertial Wheels allow you to remotely control 3-axis of a Gimbal.

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The NODO Film Inertia Wheels allow Gimbal control from up to a mile away. CineMilled developed this NODO 3-Axis Inertia Pro kit. The kit includes a controller with an integrated stand, an LCD screen, knobs, and buttons to configure settings. In addition, it features axis motors for smooth movements. In addition, three aluminum inertia wheels to control three axes of your gimbal.

The weighted wheels provide haptic feedback using brake pads and adjustable drag. The result, set a hard limit for the gimbal movement. Thus, the operator can feel the limit and slow the movement. You can also control roll without the third axis by using offset controls on the LCD dashboard. The kit can control your gimbal via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi from up to one mile away. Finally, use a wired connection from up to 2000′ away.


Key Features of the CineMilled NODO Film Inertial Wheels:

  • Control Gimbal by Wired/Wireless Remote
  • Weighted 3-Axis Inertia Wheels
  • Adjustable Drag on Motors, Brake Pads
  • Haptic Soft Limits, Roll Control
  • 2000′ Wired, 1 Mile 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Ranges
  • LED Screen with Control Buttons
  • Works with FREEFLY, DJI Ronin 2 & Other Gimbals