Matthews Menace Arm Kit (Lighting Boom Arm Pole)

$60 / day

The Matthews Menace kit allows you to boom lights. It uses 1 1/2″ aluminium pipe, providing flexibility in terms of length of arm.

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The Matthews Menace Arm Kit enables you to boom a lighting fixture. Attach a 1 1/2″ Schedule 40 aluminum pipe speed rail. The kit includes an ear with a 9.5″ anti-sag center post, dual baby pin front mount, and a rear counterweight receiver. Connect a ratchet strap to the D-ring on top and bottom of the stand instead of a counterweight bar.


Key Features of the Matthews Menace Lighting Boom Arm Kit:

  • Boom a Light Attached to 1 1/2″ Rail
  • Keep Light Stand Out of Camera View
  • Ear with 9.5″ Anti-Sag Center Post
  • Dual Baby Pin Front Mount
  • Rear Counterweight Receiver with D-Rings