Leica-R Summicron Prime Lens Kit (GL Optics)

Price on Application

The Leica-R lenses are fast vintage primes. Re-housed by GL Optics (mark IV). They cover up to full-frame sensors.

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The Leica-R rehoused set by G.L. Optics are vintage classics. All lenses are PL-Mount and cover full-frame sensors. The Leica R’s are uniquely sharp, with a creamy fall-off, and lovely bokeh. This vintage glass renders personality and beutiful with skin tones.

Leica R primes are well known for their character. They flatter your subject, and flare beautifully. GL Optics replaced the original irises with 14-blade irises. These stay circular when stopped down, giving the lenses smooth bokeh at any T stop.

Our G.L. Optics Mark IV lenses all have a 95mm outer diameter. In addition, a stainless steel PL mount and newly-designed focus and iris system. In addition, focus and iris gears all have standard consistent positioning.

Features of the Leica-R Vintage Primes (by GL Optics):

  • Full-frame sensor coverage (including S35)
  • Stunning vintage character
  • Industry-standard gearing for focus and iris
  • 330 degrees focus rotation (excluding the 19mm)
  • 95mm outer diameter


19MM T2.9 V2 / 28MM T2.9 / 35MM T1.5 FE / 50MM T1.5 / 80MM T1.5 FE / 135MM T2.9