Canon Sumire Prime Lens Kit

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The Canon Sumire Cinema lenses are fast PL-mount prime lenses. They offer a unique look wide open. Alternatively they can be stopped down to give a cleaner shaper image. All lenses cover large-format / full-frame sensors.

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Canon’s Sumire lenses are fast cinema primes, all with an interchangeable PL mount. The complete kit of seven includes a 14mm T3.1, 20mm T1.5, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.3, 85mm T1.3 and 135mm T2.2. The are compatible with any PL mount cinema camera. In addition, they will cover either a 35mm full-frame sensor or a Super 35mm sensor.

The Sumire primes offer a unique cinematic look and warm colour tone. Their fast T-stop makes these lenses ideal for low-light shooting. In addition this enables  a distinctive shallow depth of field .

Wide-open the Canon Sumire’s offer a delicate, velvety nuance with a distinctive Bokeh. Stopped-down they increase in sharpness and clarity – similar to the original Canon CN-E Prime Lenses.

The Sumire Prime lenses are supplied in PL mount. This option offers widespread compatibility with full-frame and Super 35mm cinema cameras. These lenses inherit the same subtle, warm colour tone as Canon’s full Cinema lens range. This compatibility makes it easier to interchange lenses on a production without affecting colour tone.

All seven prime lenses use 0.8 pitch lens gears for both iris and focus rings. In addition, all lenses have the same front diameter, eliminating the need to adjust rigging accessories when swapping lenses.