IRONGLASS Rehoused Vintage Soviet Prime Kit (PL Mount)

$450 / day

Quantity: 2

The Ironglass Rehoused Vintage Soviet Lens Set provide a unique look that covers full frame sensors. It features modern housings with industry standard lens gearing.

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The Ironglass lens kit features rehoused vintage soviet lenses.

These lenses offer a unique look. Example characteristics include lower contrast, dreamy flares and swirly bokeh. The original lenses are based on Zeiss optical formulas. The result, strong optical performance without being too sharp. This makes them ideal for taking the edge off digital sensors. In addition, they produce a desirable look on skin textures.

The Ironglass kit cover Full Frame ( FF / LF / VV ) sensors and beyond (most even cover Alexa 65). Overall they provide a great flexibility and an opportunity to stand out by adding amazing, painterly character to your images.

Our Ironglass kit includes:

20mm f3.5 MIR-20M
28mm f3.5 MIR-10A
37mm f2.8 MIR-1V
58mm f2 Helios 44-2
85mm f2 Jupiter-9
135mm f2.8 Tair-11A

All lenses feature a PL Mount, industry-standard gearing, in a modern cinema prime housing.