Easyrig 3 500N Stabiliser

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The Easyrig Cinema 3 500N Stabilising Camera Support features an ergonomic design. It shifts the camera’s weight from your neck & shoulder area. Redistributing it across your hips and legs. For cameras between 10 and 13.6 Kg’s.

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TheĀ Easyrig Cinema 3 500N Stabilising Camera Support is for film and large video cameras. With its ergonomic design, the Cinema 3 redistributes the camera’s weight from the neck and shoulder muscles. Thus distributing to the hips and legs, that can more easily support the camera.

Easyrig’s Cinema 3 system lets you achieve steady shots. While maintaining the speed and mobility of a handheld camera. The included 500N shock absorber uses powerful suspension lines to support cameras between 10 and 13.6kg. The Easyrig provides the stability and support necessary for news broadcasts, sporting events, documentaries, and numerous other professional applications.

The Cinema 3 500N gives you the advantages of both the speed and mobility of a handheld camera. While enabling you to achieve steady pictures. After filming, simply fold up the Cinema 3 and put it in the supplied Petrol bag.

Finally, Easyrig’s Cinema 3 is an excellent tool for shooting movies, commercials and any other production. For example, hand-held shooting, where stability and freedom to move is essential.


Included in the Easyrig 500N Kit:

  • Easyrig Cinema 500N
  • Hip Belt (breathable material)
  • Transport Bag