Chrosziel 450w-20 Matte Box Hire

$ 50 / day
$80 / weekend
$110 / week

Quantity: 2

The Chrosziel 450w-20 matte box is a high quality system that will seamlessly integrate into your rig, with filter holders and a centre bracket for 15mm rods.

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The Chrosziel 450W-20 is a Super Wide Matte Box available for rental at Camera Hire. The kit includes the 450W-20 matte box itself, a top french flag allowing for more light control around the lens of the camera, two independently rotating filter holders, dual 4 x 4/4 x 5.65 combo filter holders, a centred bracket for use with standardised 15mm support rods, an 130mm rear plate and a clamp adapter.

This matte box offers a housing for a lens as wide as 16mm ( 35mm Academy ) without causing vignetting. When used with the French flag, the 450W-20 controls the angle of light, eradicating lens flare through accurate, directional control of light.

The 450W-20 hired matte box can be mounted via the included bracket or with the 130mm clamp adaptor, designed to be used with standard 15mm support rods. This matte box is an ideal solution for a range of cameras, from fully configured production setups to smaller handheld rigs.


  • 2 x Chrosziel 450W-20 Matte Boxes on order
  • High quality Matte box system
  • Allows use of wide angle lenses without vignetting