Canon ZSD 300D Zoom Demand Servo Controller

Price on Application

The Canon ZSD-300D is a Zoom Demand Servo unit. It is compatible with Canon Servo-Zoom lenses such as the Canon 18-80mm, Canon 25-250, 17-120 and 50-1000mm.

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The Canon ZSD-300D is a digital zoom servo demand for canon servo zoom lenses. For example, compatible lenses include the Canon CN-E 18-80, Canon CN-E 25-250mm, 17-120 and 50-1000mm.

The controller provides precision zoom control in a handlebar style. Canon’s ZSD-300d mounts to all standard tripod handles. In addition, the controller also has controls for run-stop, zoom speed, direction and more. In conclusion, the ZSD-300D is useful for professional broadcast applications. These applications include live event coverage, sports, documentary and many others.

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