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The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K is a 12K Digital Cinema Camera. Using a 12,288 x 6480 12K Super35 sensor, new colour science, and up to 14 stops of dynamic range. Thus producing extraordinarily detailed images. The URSA Mini Pro 12K records up to 80MP per frame in Blackmagic Raw. And offers flexible recording options that include dual CFAST card capture and high-speed USB Type-C output. Recording rates include: up to 60 fps in 12K 17:9 full sensor; up to 75 fps in 12K 2.4:1; 120 fps in 8K; and up to 240 fps in 4K Super16.

The front of the URSA Mini Pro 12K sports an interchangeable PL lens mount. Thus, enabling you to choose from an array of current and vintage pro cine lenses. For example, Canon EF and Nikon F mounts are available separately.

The new URSA Mini Pro 12K Super35 sensor features equal amounts of red, green, and blue pixels. Shoot at 12K for smooth oversampling. Or use the URSA Mini Pro 4K’s in-sensor scaling. For example, capture 8K or 4K Raw at rates up to 120 fps. This without cropping or a change in your field of view. Use the massive 12K sensor to record shots in 8K or 4K. Thus providing a multi-camera look by reframing from a single camera output.

The dual CFast or UHS-II SD card option splits the recording between two cards. Enabling you to capture up to 12K or 8K raw even at higher frame rates. With Blackmagic Raw, the URSA Mini Pro 12K offers constant-quality compression rates. Also, several constant bit-rate options for predictable file sizes. Blackmagic Raw provides outstanding resolution for compositing, keying, tracking, and more. Blackmagic Raw is compatible with the URSA Mini Pro 12K’s raw files. Thus, saving the need to also create proxies.

New Generation Colour Science

Blackmagic’s new Generation 5 Colour Science offers a new film curve. Thus enabling the URSA Mini Pro 12K to capture more natural skin tones. In addition, better rendering of richly saturated colours in high-contrast scenes.

Even with 12K providing almost 10 times the resolution of UHD 4K. This versatile pro cine camera offers a trio of recording options. Record to the integrated dual CFast or UHS-II SD card recorders. In addition, use the SuperSpeed USB Type-C expansion port for recording to fast SATA and NVMe drives.

An evenly weighted, lightweight body makes the URSA Mini Pro 12K perfect for handheld or tripod-based shots. Additional camera features include: 12G-SDI input and output; a 4″ fold-out display; built-in ND filters; ergonomic controls; timecode and reference input; and 48V phantom power XLR audio. A digital slate function and lens metadata capture ease your URSA Mini Pro 12K workflow transition from capture to post. Finally, camera setup 7.0 includes Blackmagic Raw stills capture and broadcast lens support.

Highlights of the URSA 12K Camera:

  • 12,288 x 6480 12K Super35 sensor
  • 14 stops of dynamic range
  • 80MP per frame; new color science
  • 12K 2.4:1 imaging up to 75 fps, 8K and DCI 4K up to 120 fps
  • 8K and 4K anamorphic: up to 160 fps, Super16 4K to 240 fps
  • Flexible Blackmagic Raw recording options plus raw stills capture
  • Broadcast lens connector support
  • Dual CFast and UHS-II SD card recorders
  • Raw compression levels up to 18:1
  • SuperSpeed USB Type-C expansion port for external recording
  • Finally, Metadata support and timecode clock


Key Features of the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K:

  • 12K Super35 HDR CMOS Sensor
  • 12K 17:9 to 60 fps/12K 2.4:1 to 75 fps
  • DCI 8K to 120 fps/14 Stops Dynamic Range
  • User-Changeable PL Lens Mount
  • 4K Super16 up to 220 fps
  • 80MP/frame Blackmagic Raw
  • Dual CFast or SD Card Recording
  • USB Type-C Recording to Disk/SSD