Atlas 1.6X Extender / Expander

The Atlas 1.6X LF Extender/Expander for Atlas Anamorphic Primes and other PL-mount Super-35 and full-frame lenses.

$110 / day

* Hire rates include GST, but exclude any insurance or delivery costs

** If you happen to find a better rental price elsewhere, let us know and we'll do our best to match or beat it.


The Atlas 1.6X LF Extender increases the focal length of a PL lens by 1.6X. At the same time it expands the image circle of the lens. This enables Super-35 lenses to cover full-frame / large format sensors.

The Atlas LF Extender can be paired with the Atlas Anamorphic Primes to enable coverage of the full-frame / large format camera.
This expander allows full sensor coverage for cameras with large format sensors such as Canon C500 mark II, Sony Venice, RED Monstro, ARRI Alexa LF and Alexa Mini LF.

It also doubles as an extender should you use it with a large format lens on a matching body, extending your focal length by 1.6x