ARRI SkyPanel S60-C LED Softlight

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Building on their commitment to accurate colour representation and adding to their LED line is the ARRI SkyPanel S60-C LED Softlight, outputting a 2k tungsten equivelent on a 450W draw, and is fully colour tuneable, and includes thermoplastic diffusers ranging from lite to heavy to wrap its output around the subject.

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The ARRI SkyPanel is a fully colour “tunable” LED light allowing output of a warm 2,800K to icy blue 10,000k and uses the full RGB+W Colour gamut and hue/saturation adjustments and Full Minusgreen to Full Plusgreem available for blue or greenscreen applications. The SkyPort outputs the equivalent of a 2,000W tungsten soft light while drawing only a maximum of 450W.

The light is supported by a steel yoke and includes a range of interchangable thermoplastic diffusers ranging from lite to heavy to soften the light, wrapping its output around the subject.

All functions including the 0-100% dimming is adjustable with the SkyPanel’s onboard controller or remotely via DMX or a LAN.


At 16.4′ (5.0m)
At 3,200K
With Standard Diffusion: 393 lux/ 37 fc
With Lite Diffusion: 462 lux/ 43 fc
With Heavy Diffusion: 320 lux/ 30 fc
With Intensifier: 511 lux/ 47 fc
At 5,600K
With Standard Diffusion: 416 lux/ 39 fc
With Lite Diffusion: 489 lux/ 45 fc
With Heavy Diffusion: 338 lux/ 31 fc
With Intensifier: 541 lux/ 50 fc