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Repacking the DJI Ronin

We’ve had a huge amount of interest in the DJI Ronin Gymbal Stabiliser ever since we got our hands on it and so far the reception has been fantastic, with the exception of one thing: the case it comes in weighs a ton!DJI Ronin Hard Case

The Ronin itself is only 4.2kg, with a load capacity of 7.25kg, but when packed up in its super-heavy-duty hard case it tips the scales at around 25kg — a fact that has earned us the ire of many a courier!

So we decided to repack it.

Now a decidedly delicate 12.5kg, but still nestled away in a hard, protective case, we can easily send the Ronin to you via courier or post — and you can get it in and out of your shoot locations without any hassles.

The DJI Ronin Gymbal Stabiliser is available for hire or purchase at Camera Hire. Now in a lightweight package.