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Nikon Speedlight Flash Technology Chart

Below is a chart with descriptions of the various technology used in Nikon’s range of Speedlight flash units. Please note, not all functions are available on all flash units. Please see our Nikon DSLR and Flash compatibility page for details.


Speedlight ModeDescription
Camera controls flash output
The camera controls flash output. This is a TTL auto flash mode in the Creative Lighting System. Monitor Preflashes are fired at all times. The subject is correctly exposed by the light from the flash and the exposure is less affected by the ambient light than in the conventional TTL mode.
Supported cameras: D3-series, D2-series, D700, D300(s), D200, D80, D70-series, D60, D50, D40-series
The camera measures the amount of light reflected from the subject through the lens to automatically control flash output level and give correct exposure
Supported cameras: D1X, D1H, D100
The camera controls flash output. Standard TTL flash control does not take the brightness of the background into account, but adjusts flash output so that the main subject is correctly exposed.
Supported cameras: D1

Speedlight controls flash output

Auto Aperture
The flash uses its sensor to control the flash output in combination with data automatically transmitted from the camera and lens to the flash including the ISO sensitivity, aperture, focal length and exp. comp. value.

Non-TTL Auto
The flash uses its sensor to measure the flash illumination reflected back from the subject controlling flash output to give correct exposure.
With distance-priority manual flash operation the guide number is automatically determined by the SB-800 according to the distance value and aperture set.

The flash always fires at a specified output determined by user on the flash itself.
Rear CurtainThe flash fires just before the rear curtain starts to close.

Repeating Flash
The flash fires repeatedly during a single exposure, creating stroboscopic multiple-exposure effects.

Red Eye Reduction
Available with cameras having red-eye reduction with slow-sync.


Speedlight FeaturesDescription

AF-Assist Illuminator
Projects LED light on the subject, making it possible to focus on the subject even in total darkness.

Automatic Power Zoom
The zoom head is automatically adjusted according to the focal length of the lens in use.