Tiffen 6.6×6.6 IRND 2.1 Filter

$35 / day

The Tiffen 6.6×6.6 IRND 2.1 allows you to reduce transmission visible light, as well as far-red and infrared light pollution by 7 stops

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The Tiffen 2.1 IRND 6×6 filter reduces the amount of light that passes through to the camera lens without affecting the colours received by the camera. Most useful in bright lighting situations or in daylight to prevent overexposure. Also allows for greater control of depth of field, allowing for the lens to be at a higher f-stop.

Tiffen IRND filters incorporates their unique ColorCore technology that sandwiches the coating within the filter for easy cleaning without damaging the filters. Their new filters are made with the finest pure class and are ground and polished for the highest possible standards of flatness and parallelism.

These filters also remove infrared bleed above 700nm, particularly important as it allows for higher grades of ND filters needed for hi definition cameras while maintaining complete colour balance.