ARRI Rota Pola

$35 / day
$60 / weekend
$90 / week

Quantity: 3

ARRI Rota-Pola is a rotatable polarising filter for the ARRI LMB-5, LMB-15, LMB-25, LMB 4×5 and other 4×5.65 matte box filter stages.

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The ARRI Rota Pola Frame is compatible with LMB-5, LMB-15, LMB-25, LMB 4×5 and MB-19 matte box filter stages. It has the same width of a regular 4×5.65 filter frame. Therefore taking the space of one filter in a filter stage.

The glass inside is a round shaped circular polariser. This takes less than 1.2 stops of light.

Using a Rota Pola Frame instead of a 4×5.65” glass filter removes the need for a rotating stage.  Because the glass inside the Rota Pola Frame is rotatable within the frame itself. This by using a friction driven gear at the top or at the bottom of the frame.

The Rota Pola Frame includes a unique feature. A lock off of the rotation on the top of the frame on the right side. Which is helpful to lock the position once set by the DP/Operator.