Sigma 50-100mm T2 CINE (Canon)

$ 150

Sigma’s range of High Speed Zooms are some of the fastest Cine Zoom lenses available. The 9-bladed iris allows for pleasing looking bokeh and excellent image quality, and the lenses covers sensors up to RED Helium 8k sizes. Available alongside the Sigma 18-35mm T2 Cine lens.

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The Sigma 50-100 T2 Cine High-Speed Zoom lenses are some of the fastest Cine Zooms available. In addition, they cover Super 35 sensors and the 6k-8k Dragon and Helium sensors. The 9-bladed iris creates round out-of-focus highlights for pleasing bokeh

The lens barrel features 180° of focus rotation from close focus to infinity. Secondly, the zoom barrel rotates 160°. And finally the click-less iris ring features 60° of rotation. All three lens control rings are geared with cine-standard 0.8 Mod gears, and the focus scale is marked in feet.

Sigma Cine 50-100mm Features:

  • All lenses comply with SIGMA’ CCI standard to simplify cutting between lenses
  • All metal body construction
  • Lens markings in luminous paint for easy visibility in low light situations
  • Includes a removable support foot
  • Common lens gear placement with other lenses in the Sigma High Speed Zoom line-up for rapid lens changes