LOMO 40-120mm T3.1 Front-Anamorphic Zoom Lens

Price on Application

The Lomo 40-120mm T3.1 is a true 2x front-anamorphic zoom lens. It has a beautiful vintage anamorphic look. Being a vintage lens, it requires particular care while using. For example, rail-mounted matte boxes only should be used.

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The Lomo 40-120mm T3.1 (F2.5) is a fast, true front-anamorphic cinema zoom lens. It features a 2x squeeze ratio, with beautiful vintage anamorphic characteristics.

There are very few front-anamorphic zooms in the world. Most zooms having a rear anamorphic adapter or group. Only front-anamorphic lenses provide the signature oval bokeh, and streak lens flares. Only a few Lomo 40-120mm lenses were made.

This lens has a beautiful anamorphic character, good close-focus and minimal breathing.

Test footage of the Lomo 40-120mm 2x Anamorphic Lens:

Examples of work shot on our Lomo 40-120mm 2x Anamorphic Lens:

Cinematographer:  Kim Quint
Client: Five Island Drive

Lomo 40-120mm Anamorphic Tech Specs:

  • Squeeze Ratio: 2x
  • Close Focus:  3′ 3″ (99 cm)
  • Length: 334 mm
  • Weight: 7500 g
  • Front Diameter: 153 mm
  • Lens Mount:  PL
  • Model Number:  35OPF-19-1A