LED 600W Bi-Colour Light Panel

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The Bi-Colour LED Panel offers a portable and efficient lighting solution. The Bi-Colour output give the option of Daylight (5600K), Tungsten (3600) or mixed output.

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The Bi-Color LED light panel offers high-output daylight, tungsten or mixed lighting options. Colour temperature can be changed buy mixing the Tungsten (3600K) and Daylight (5600K) output levels. The light is 1’x1′ and has an output of 600W. ┬áIt has two colour outputs of daylight(5600k) and tungsten(3600) with each colour output with the ability to dim both lights.


The bi-colour LED panel comes with diffuser, V-Lock battery plate, barn doors and light stand.


  • Number In Stock: 4
  • Colour temperature: 5600 K
  • 600-LED panel
  • Equivalent to ~688 watt tungsten
  • Can be powered with V-Lock batteries
  • Light stand included