Arri MFF-2 Follow Focus

$45 / day
$75 / weekend
$110 / week

The Arri MFF-2 follow focus is a high quality addition to your shooting setup, which will facilitate smooth and accurate focus movement with a number of different lenses.

* Hire rates include GST, but exclude any insurance or delivery costs

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The Arri MFF-2 is a high quality follow focus, available for rental at Camera Hire. The MMF-2 is a super lightweight and compact device, that is entirely compatible with the full range of Arri accessories ( whips, speed cranks, knobs ) and performs excellently with a variety of lenses. Those looking to use Leica or Nikon glass will appreciate the reversing gear feature.


  • 2 x Arri MFF-2 Follow Focus kits IN STOCK
  • Compact yet sturdy design