ARRI Alura 18-80mm T2.6 Studio Cinema Zoom Lens

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The ARRI Alura 18-80mm is a fast studio cinema zoom lens. In addition, it features a T2.6 maximum aperture throughout the zoom range. Finally, outstanding imaging from the joint Fujinon / ARRI lens.

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The ARRI Alura 18-80 is a Studio / Cinema zoom lens of the highest standards. For example, it combines the highest optical performance with minimised size and weight. The lens is the result of a collaboration between ARRI and Fujinon. Each contributing their expertise in cine lens development. In addition, the 18-80mm features a fast maximum aperture of T2.6 throughout the zoom range.

Finally, all ARRI / Fujinon Alura Zooms colour characteristics and handling match existing ARRI prime lenses.


Features of the ARRI / Fujinon Alura 18-80 T2.6

Outstanding Optical Performance

  • High resolution, high contrast
  • Secondly, even field illumination
  • Minimised ghost, flares and veiling glare due to FUJINON multi-layer EBC coating
  • Greatly reduced chromatic aberration through the use of extraordinary dispersion glass
  • Also, minimised breathing, especially at the wide end where it counts
  • Finally, 9 iris leaves for round, out-of-focus highlights and a pleasing, organic bokeh

Consistent Optical Performance

  • Consistent contrast, resolution and field illumination across the whole focus and zoom range