Aputure Lantern

$44 / day
$77 / weekend
$165 / week

Quantity: 6

The Aputure Lantern provides a soft light for run and gun filmmakers. Compatible with the Aputure 300D II, 120D II, 300D and 120D.

Note:  Price is for the accessory only. Does not include the light (available separately).

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The Aputure Lantern is a spherical soft-box that can pop open and be ready to use in seconds. The lantern creates an even, omnidirectional light. This is because of its 26″ spherical design and 270° beam angle. In addition, the Aputure Lantern is durable, portable and versatile. For example, it can fit onto any Bowens mount light.

Also included is a 4 section fully adjustable light control skirt made from hook and loop. Consequently, attach the skirt in any position to quickly and precisely control light. Finally, a flag cuts unwanted light.


Can be attached in seconds
26″ spherical design with a 270° beam angle for an even, omnidirectional light
Bowens mount compatible
4 sections of fully adjustable skirting
Durable and portable

Dimensions: 650x650x560mm
Weight: 2.76kg
Diffusion Stops: 1-stop