ABC MiniCrane 350 Jib / Crane System Hire

$150 / day

The ABC MiniCrane 350 is ideal for lightweight camera set ups. The jib has a total reach up to 3.6 meters (11.8 feet). Its maximum payload is 5kg.

* Hire rates exclude GST, insurance and delivery costs

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The ABC MiniCrane 350, like all ABC Cranes has an extremely light construction. This enables easy transportation. Therefore, no production has to abandon the effects of a camera crane. Finally, the MiniCrane is the smallest ABC crane package and one of the simplest to operate.

Portable and Lightweight

Packing dimensions are only 0.15 x 0.17 x 1.0 m (5.9 x 6.7x 39.4 in). In addition, package weight is only around 5 kg (11 lb). This makes the ABC MiniCrane very portable. Also ideal for documentary, wildlife and other on location shooting.

Secondly , the ABC MiniCrane is also very simple to operate. The extension and shortening of the crane arm is quick and easy without any tools.

Whether desert or mountain tour, safari, sea or city trip, sport or family event. Feature or documentary film. The ABC miniCrane will improve your video a provide exhilarating effects.

Crane head angle:

Adjust the crane head angle by changing the parallelogram. If the control cable runs parallel to the crane tube, the camera always holds the horizontal position. Finally, if the control cable runs asymmetrically to the crane tube, the crane head angle changes. This depends on the pivot height.


ABC MiniCrane 350 Features

  • Jib with extremely short assembling times (complete assembly in approx. 7 minutes)
  • Wired rigs are separately coloured
  • 3 different assembly lengths including respective complete rig sets (small/medium/large)
  • Horizontal brake
  • Universally camera crane deployable indoors- (short tower tube) as well as outdoors for high flexibility

Tech Specs of the ABC MiniCrane 350

  • Weight of the complete kit:  6.9kg
  • Arm reach (maximum from rear to front): 3.6 meters (11.8 feet)
  • Maximum payload: 5kg
  • Counterweight:  19.8kg