XELMUS Apollo Full-Frame 2X Anamorphic 3-lens kit

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The Xelmus Apollo’s are full-frame 2X Anamorphic Lenses. They are sharp, fast and exhibit stunning optical character.

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Our Xelmus Apollo kit currently includes the 50mm T1.7, 75mm T2, and 135mm T2.8 lenses. All lenses are 2X Anamorphic and cover full-frame sensors. All Xelmus Apollo lenses are short and light-weight. The focus throw has long travel of 270°, and close focus of 0.9 inches.

When Xelmus started the Apollo Series, their goal was to create a lens with a unique anamorphic look. In addition, lenses that are easy to use, with an elegant design. The Apollo series is compact, sharp, optimised for distortion correction. And of course, character. Anamorphic are all about character.  In addition, the Xelmus Apollo’s have the anti-mump system created in 1954 by Mr. Gottschalk from Panavision. With that system, whilst focusing from infinity to the close point, the image stretches only in a vertical direction (vertical breath). The horizontal axis stays locked.

The optics are much smaller than a front variable diopters design system. This results in lighter weight, with less chromatic aberrations, and better light transmission. Because they are short and light, they are ideal for steadicams, gimbals, and handheld work. In addition, drone use.

The Focus ring mechanics are a cam based design. They allow the focus ring to be smooth, with a rotation of 270°. All lenses have a standard pitch module of 0.8. for both focus and aperture rings. Finally, all Apollo lenses have 14 round-blade circular apertures.

Technical Information for the Xelmus Apollo Lenses: