Westcott Flex Bi-Colour 55W LED Mat Hire

$60 / day
$90 / weekend
$140 / week

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A flexible 1×1 55W Bi-Colour LED Mat allows for a light, portable 6mm thick LED light. With the ability to dim from 0-100% and control the colour temperature.

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Compatible with and complimentary to any kind of image making, the Flex Bi-Colour LED Mat fromĀ Westcott is a unique 1 x 1′ array of LEDs that are housed within a 6mm-thick pliable mat-like casing. Mold it into an arc for product photography for true “wrap-around” lighting or shape it into a cylinder for long thin highlights in reflective objects. The Flex will hold its form however you twist it thanks to integrated pliable wire in the frame, and its thin profile and lightweight design allows it to fit where most light sources simply can’t, opening up a world of creative possibilities for car, plane or boat interiors. This specific light has a bi-colour, 2800-6000K balanced design along with a high variable CRI rating of 95-98.

In addition to the unique bendable design, the Flex LED Mat also has an IP 64 rating that deems it both dust and splash proof for use in inclement conditions. Included with the light is a 100-240 VAC power supply along with an external dimmer for 0-100% dimming control.