Tiffen 6×6″ Black Pro-Mist Filter Kit

Price on Application

The Tiffen 6.6×6.6″ Black Pro-Mist Filter Kit includes  1/4, 1/2, 1, 2 and 4 densities. These reduce the value of the highlights. In addition, slightly lowering the overall contrast.

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The Tiffen 6.6×6.6″ Black Promist Filter Kit reduces the value of highlights while lowering contrast. The filters smooth out and soften facial wrinkles and blemishes. This makes them popular for fashion and beauty.

Unlike traditional diffusion and soft focus filters, there is little loss of detail in the image.

Our Kit includes the below Black Pro Mist Filters.

1x 1/4 Black Pro Mist Filter
1x 1/2 Black Pro Mist Filter
1x 1 Black Pro Mist Filter
1x 2 Black Pro Mist Filter
1x 4 Black Pro Mist Filter