SWIT Gold Mount Battery Kit

$140 / day

Quantity: 3

Our SWIT Gold Mount battery kit includes two 220Wh Gold Mount batteries and a dual charger. Additional batteries can be hired separately.

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The SWIT Gold Mount S-8180A 220Wh High-Load Battery. For example, it can supply a maximum of 140W / 12A constant power to cine cameras, lighting, and other equipment. It consists of twenty-four 18650-size Li-ion battery cells and can achieve up to 220Wh / 15.3Ah capacity.

The battery can run approximately for 7 hours on 30W ENG cameras. Also, approximately 2.5 hours for ARRI Alexa camera. In addition, it is compatible with Anton Bauer Gold mount-type power systems. These feature connection bolts to ensure reliable mounting.

A D-tap DC output socket on the top of the battery outputs 14.4 VDC (nominal). For example, this will power on-camera lights, monitors and wireless transmitters. In addition, theĀ  maximum power supplied from the D-tap output is 120W, 10A. Finally, the battery features a 4-level LED indicator for a quick view of the power status before use.

Note: This battery is only compatible with SWIT-branded chargers.

Features of the SWIT Gold Mount (Anton Bauer) battery kit:

  • High-load Li-ion battery pack
  • Maximum 140W, 12A constant output
  • 14.4V, 220Wh capacity
  • D-tap output socket
  • 4-level LED power indicator
  • Gold mount type connection
  • Multiple circuit protection
  • 1.28 kg weight