Sigma FF Cinema Primes (PL mount)

Price on Application

The Sigma FF Cine Kit offers high speed prime lenses range from 14mm to 135mm. These large format lenses offer superior resolution while being precise and compact. Will cover a full-frame (Vista Vision) sensor.

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Camera Hire now have two sets of Sigma FF Cinema Primes. A full kit includes a 14, 20, 24, 35, 50, 85 and 135mm T1.5 all in PL Mount.

We also now stock a set of the new Sigma FF Cine Primes with i/Technology.

The Sigma FF Cine Lens Kit includes 5 Sigma FF High Speed Prime Lenses ranging from 14mm to 135mm and covers T1.5, compatible with full frame, and while being more compact, it can offer superior resolution than other high­-end prime sets do.

  • Standardised gear positions eliminating the need to adjust the follow focus, motor unit, or accessories even when the lens changes
  • Silent ring stoppers
  • extremely high-precision focusing with 180° focus rotational angle
  • extremely high-precision zooming with 160° zoom rotational angle
  • front diameter of 95mm, compatible with matte boxes
  • 82mm filter size

The Sigma FF Cine Primes cover large-format sensors, such as the RED Monstro, ARRI mini LF and Sony Venice.