Profoto Air Remote Sony TTL-S

$30 / day

Profoto’s Air Remote E-TTL transmitter for Sony is the key to wireless triggering and TTL remote control of its B1 and B2 AirTTL Off Camera Flash heads. Operating on the 2.4 GHz bandwidth, the transmitter, really a controller, has 8 frequency channels and with 3 groups per channel and a range of up to 100 meters for TTL triggering and 300 metersĀ for normal triggering.

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Profoto’s Air Remote E-TTL transmitter for Sony is the key to wireless triggering. It enables TTL remote control of Profoto B1 and B2 off camera Flash heads. It operates on the 2.4 GHz bandwidth and has 8 frequency channels with 3 groups per channel. In addition, it has a range of up to 100 meters for TTL triggering and 300 meters for normal triggering. Each channel has power ratio capability of +/- 2 stops. If you prefer to use manual you have +/- 9 stops power variation. You’ve also got modeling light, unit shut-down and first or rear curtain control. The TTL-C, the B1 500 AirTTL and B2 Off Camera Flashes have micro-USB connectors for firmware updates. In addition to the B1 and B2, the Air Remote TTL-S will manually trigger all Profoto Air packs and mono-lights.

Off-Camera Full TTL Control for Profoto B1 and B2 AirTTL Flashes

Place the Air Remote TTL-S on your camera hot shoe to merge your camera’s TTL with your Profoto AirTTL flash. Then point-and-shoot and let the camera/flash technology automatically adjust the light output. It could not be easier

Remote Triggering for Profoto Air Flashes

With the Air Remote TTL-S you can remote control multiple Profoto B1 or B2 flashes directly from your camera. Control an unlimited number of lights up to 100 meters in TTL and 300 meters in manual mode. Compatible with any Profoto head or pack with built-in Air technology.

Fast and Reliable Flash Sync

Air is one of the most reliable wireless systems available to sync your flashes with your camera. It is also fast enough to provide flash sync with to the fastest X-sync speed of your camera. Profoto Air flashes require no external receiver. Other Profoto flashes connect via an optional Air Remote or Air Sync transceiver.

High Speed Sync as Fast as 1/8,000 Sec.

High-Speed Sync (HSS) is the technical term for syncing flash with shutter speeds shorter than the so-called x-sync. This is typically 1/250 of a second. It is a useful tool for controlling ambient light and for freezing action. Profoto uses a unique, patent-pending technology, providing an extremely fast series of flash pulses. With the free Profoto HSS Mode, shoot at shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000 of a second.

A Wireless System with a Wide Range of Options

Air Remote TTL-S is an integrated part of a wide range of Air products. The Profoto TTL-S operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency band, the making it approved for worldwide use.