PocketWizard Plus X

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PocketWizard Plus X radio triggers can be used to remotely activate cameras and lights within a range as great at 1600 feet. These units have an integrated antenna and a solid design to handle location work.

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The PocketWizard Plus X Transceiver is a versatile radio trigger that features a wealth of functionality within a simple-to-use and intuitive design. The Plus X offers 10 channels from which to use, and navigation between these channels is easily controlled by a backlit channel dial. These 10 channels are fully backward-compatible with all other PocketWizard radios and devices for maximum efficiency with existing radio setups. Contributing to its functional abilities, the Plus X also features intelligent Auto-Sensing technology, which allows the device to instantly fluctuate between transmitter and receiver duties. Auto-relay is also supported in order to promote a completely remote workflow.

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